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$995 with MEals & a tent site

$1,095 with meals & A Rustic cabin


Space on our WFR courses is limited, and courses typically fill early. We recommend enrolling at least 45 days prior to the start of your course.


If you work or play in remote environments, you should have a Wilderness First Responder certification. It's the industry standard for professional guides, trip leaders, SAR team members, and many ski patrols. WFR training is also great risk management for international travelers and outdoor enthusiasts who adventure without a guide.

The WFR is an in-depth look at patient assessment, traumatic injuries, environmental topics, and medical emergencies. A comprehensive class with far more hands-on practice than a WFA, this course includes both CPR and epinephrine administration certifications. WFR students can earn three hours of college credit through the University of Utah, and 70 hours of EMT CEUs through NOLS Wilderness Medicine. Graduation from a WFR turns an EMT into a Wilderness-EMT.

Students consistently report that highlights of their WFR course included an extended night scenario, Mass Casualty Incidents, and fun, interactive classes on everything from dressing a blister to dealing with an appendicitis in the backcountry.

80 hours over 9 days | 8 to 5 with an hour for lunch | 2 night sessions from 6 to 10 

I wanted to thank you so much for such an amazing course. The course definitely exceeded the quality that I expected by a long shot, and my expectations were high. What I definitely did not expect was how awesome the teaching itself was. You guys absolutely nailed it. I even walked away with some nice teaching tricks, which is definitely not something I would have expected. You crushed it. It’s not often that people with expertise in a given field are also good at teaching it, and you both blew it out of the water. Thank you! On top of it all, it was incredibly fun!
— Christine P, college professor and WFR student
Thank you for a spectacular week of WFR training. It was an unforgettable experience for George. He bonded with many in the group, had his leadership skills tested under pressure and learned countless skills that he will put to use in ski patrol, along with his greater confidence. We are so grateful that he landed in your WRT program. When I met him at the airport, he began a stream of consciousness talk that continued for more than an hour - pure exhilaration. Thank you for being one of the important role models in George’s life. He will always remember his WFR training as a formative experience that shaped him.
— Amy S, parent of a WFR student

Meet Your Instructor

NAME: Dave     

AGE: 38

OUTDOOR SPECIALITIES: Rock Climbing, Packrafting, Backcountry Skiing

CREDENTIALS: NOLS Instructor, Wilderness EMT, LNT Master Educator

PASSIONS: Motorcycling, Hitchhiking, Writing