A note on enrollment: WRT is one of only two providers offering NOLS Wilderness Medicine courses in the Northeast. Space on all of these courses is limited and courses typically fill early. We recommend enrolling at least 30-45 days prior to the start of your course to secure a spot. 

Review, practice and stay on top of your skills with our Wilderness First Responder Recertification. Our scenario-based approach provides you the opportunity to test your skills, judgement, and leadership in realistic situations.  The hybrid on-line format allows you to fit your course into a single weekend and to work through the curriculum at your own pace, so that you can focus on the hands-on elements during your two days on site.

You'll review our wilderness medical protocols and evacuation guidelines.  Experienced instructors who are both active trip leaders and medical professionals will pass on the latest curriculum updates. This course includes CPR and epinephrine administration certifications. Learn more about obtaining college credit for your WFR-R, not to mention 18 hours of CEUs, from our curriculum provider, NOLS Wilderness Medicine.

Highlights include timed evacuation decision making drills, practicing your SOAP reports over the radio, and scenarios with non-traditional rescuer to patient ratios, such as 5:3.   You'll take your written test on-line prior to arriving at the course.  Once this testing is out of the way, we can maximize learning in an environment free from testing anxiety.  Check out these online resources to prepare.

4 hours of prep on-line | 8am to 10pm on Saturday | 8am to 5pm on Sunday

I can’t say enough good things about Dave in particular and the course in general. Dave has such a gift for teaching and making the material understandable, approachable and interesting! Instead of feeling like rote memorization, Dave’s approach helped me to understand the why behind treatments, protocols and evacuation guidelines in a way that made those things make sense.
— Deborah C, WFR Re-cert student, February 2018
I love how you chose to bring in learning goals and objectives at the start of the course, and how you wove in leadership and decision making throughout. Both instructors were clear, professional, well organized, and well prepared.
— Liz T, NOLS Director of Education & WFR Re-cert student, May 2016