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Anne & Elizabeth

Wilderness First Responders

Anne is a University professor. She and her daughter Elizabeth, who had just finished 11th grade, took a WFR course with Wilderness Rescue Training at Pok-O-MacCready Outdoor Education Center in New York's Adirondack Mountains.

Like so many other WFR grads, they had an opportunity to use their training within a few days of finishing their course.

"Thanks again for a great WFR class last week. Elizabeth and I were so excited to be certified, we wasted no time and used our new skills today!

As we were pulling into the strip mall where she works, we pulled up behind a car accident. Elizabeth barely gave me enough time to stop the car before climbing out and jumping into action. By the time I had parked the car, she was on the “B” step; it seems none of the bystanders had any first aid training. She finished the Patient Assessment System as I notes and tried to help the patient calm down. She was A+Ox3. 

Another first responder came and went to check on the other driver who was evidently fine. The police came but seemed happy to let us keep going. A nurse came and had a similar reaction: “do your thing, no need for me to get involved!” There’s obviously a difference between the training we received and what she felt comfortable doing.  We offered for her to take over but she wasn’t interested, so we kept doing the Patient Assessment System.

The EMTs finally arrived and took over. I think they were thankful for our work as we were able to let them know about the patient’s allergies, medications, and symptoms. She denied having any pain or losing consciousness (I still have no idea how, the woman basically totaled her car-all airbags deployed). Anyway, we were able to inform the EMTs and be on our way.

The police took Elizabeth’s name and info in case the woman wanted to thank her.  So, all in all, a good experience for us anyway! We thought we’d share this experience in case your students ever wonder if they’ll ever really use their skills. They just might... we did!!"