Dave has worked in the Adirondacks as a summer camp director, university outdoor program administrator, and EMT. These days he teaches backpacking, climbing, canyoneering, and backcountry skiing in addition to WFAs, WAFAs, WFRs, WFR-Rs, WUMPs, and WEMTs. Dave is a proud preceptor for new NOLS Wilderness Medicine instructors, and proctored the first Wilderness Medicine and Rescue Semester.

Once I walked from the Hungarian-Slovenian border to the Adriatic Sea, contracting only moderate Achilles tendonitis. I made the first descent of Black Wolf Creek, in Canada's Northwest Territories. I’ve hitchhiked from California to Maryland wearing a Santa hat and carrying a sign that read “Home by X-mas.” I can frame a house, make chicken stock from scratch, and tell a good story.

This was some of the best instruction I have received in any context - instructors were expert, prepared, systematic, adept in keeping classes on time/target, and modeling positive leadership behavior throughout…. I would give Dave and Lisa top marks in all these areas. No negative feedback - particular admiration for positive manner in which they managed a potentially difficult adult class with a wide range of age and experience and personality, preventing digressions, modeling leadership, and encouraging team formation in the available pre-field time. Of aspects listed above, would give highest marks to both in teaching skills, professionalism, and patience, but all were exceptional.
— Matthew Jones, OEW Student and Colonel, USMC (ret.), August 2018
The real reason I wanted to write this review is to commend Dave’s instruction. Obviously he has a lot of training & experience teaching, but it nonetheless impressed me... he always gave feedback to each person, made sure everyone understood before moving on... answered questions without getting off topic, and gave useful and entertaining anecdotes. He is dynamic, articulate, and engaging. Very knowledgable, yet relatable. He makes everyone feel included and treats everyone as an adult. In my opinion, Dave is the ideal example of a NOLS instructor.
— Madeline Mulligan, 18 year old WFR student, May 2019