WRT Curriculum, made to order

We facilitate transformative wilderness experiences. Wilderness Rescue Training offers backpacking trip leader trainings each year. Our preferred wilderness classroom is the magical Sierra de la Laguna mountains in sunny Baja California Sur, Mexico, but we can also bring our curriculum closer to a site of your choosing. That said, Baja is both beautiful and safe. The locals are welcoming, and the mountains rise from sea level to above 6,000 feet, offering breathtaking views.

Immerse your participants in a different culture.   The Sierra de la Laguna is rarely visited by Americans. Here, small substance farms are hidden far from the nearest road. The rancheros that live there lead self-sufficient lifestyles, raising goats and tending mango orchards. Learn about living close to the land by interacting with these off-the-grid families. 

Trip Leader Certification from Wilderness Rescue Training. Your participants will master outdoor living skills that will serve them well in any environment,  and walk away with the confidence to lead their own trips. Successful participants will earn a Trip Leader Certificate.

Examples of possible curriculum emphases:

  • Expedition planning

  • Small team leadership

  • Risk management

  • Wilderness navigation

  • Outdoor cooking

  • Exploring the natural world

Highlights from our 2019 training Included:

  • Remote route through a rarely visited canyon

  • Perfect weather with no rain

  • Daily swims in crystal clear water

  • A species list with more than 60 entries

  • Camping on the beach

This has truely been a once in a lifetime experience, and I am so appreciative for it. Thank you so much!
— Jane K, Trip Leader Training Participant, 2018